Access Control

Access Control

Access Control

access-controlBuild a Better Safer Premises With Access Control

ACS provides as little or as much as you need. Whether you're refurbishing a project, JTB can work with you and your team for seamless installation of gates, cameras, and access control units. Joel specialises in providing security solutions from the ground up.

We provide;

  • Basic door-to-door restriction.
  • Systems range from door release to coded key chips.
  • Parking gates
  • Control access privileges during certain times.
  • Structure interfaces with your alarm and CCTV Systems.
  • Automated audit-ready reports.
  • Ensure access to authorised areas only.


Adding and removing cardholders is easy.  Access control cards can be reprogrammed at anytime, remotely, by authorised people. No more worrying about lost keys. If a card is lost, the card can be quickly disabled to help prevent unauthorised entry.  Access Control is also a great way to to further secure your premises.