Alarm Systems


JTB Security alarm systems are easy to use and fully custom designed to your personal home security needs. Are you looking for a basic security alarm? or something more extensive? Like our full range alarm systems.



Our security technicians have comprehensive knowledge ranging from systems to suit large businesses to homes and studio apartments, you can be assured that we build an affordable security alarm solution that meets your specific needs.

Our professional installers are fully trained and certified to get you started, safeguarding your family and property.




Our Systems can include ;

A control panel, which is the main hub of your security systembosch-detector

Door and window sensors

Motion sensors, both interior and exterior

A high-decibel siren or alarm

Window stickers to alert and deter intruders



You have the power to control your system from the alarm panel, or use your smartphone to get complete access and piece of mind from anywhere at anytime. The system alerts your mobile seconds after an alarm is triggered. You can
navigate the alarm from your smartphone or computer. And if you’re unavailable, our monitoring centre will dispatch the police for you.




Our security systems are easily customisable to your specific needs. ( Also see CCTV and Access Control ) which can be combined and integrated to your alarm system at any time.

When you choose JTB Security you will never be locked into any contracts for pushed into buying a security alarm system you don’t need. JTB Security prides itself on excellent customer service with hassle free process. Call Joel at JTB to get a free on site quote today…